Why Should You Hire a Sleep Coach?

Gideon Anderson

In today’s era of modern technology, you can find everything on the internet.

Throughout your or your partner’s pregnancy, you probably went online to learn about your baby’s development each month, in addition to the information that your obstetrician discussed on your prenatal checkups. Now that you’ve become parents, you can also see overflowing information about infants on the internet, even regarding infants’ sleep.

Having babies comes with a cost, and you’re most likely wondering whether or not it’s worth hiring a baby sleep trainer. If you are a stay-at-home parent, you can wing it and fix the problem on your own. Since everybody’s different, for many, the price is well worth it because it is not only for their infants. Remember that sleep habits can become a lifetime habit, and it starts in infancy. As they say, “you cannot put a price on a good sleep.”

Here’s why it’s always best to outsource this “baby sleep stuff” to an expert:

1. You Will Be Guided by an Expert

Professional sleep specialists have the expertise and training on sleep training, including how to perform toddler bed training and others. After working with many families in all types of situations, they can easily identify what types of behaviors and patterns are causing problems and quickly explain why they may not be serving your baby well. 

2. You’ll Have a Comprehensive Strategy

While not all coaches are the same, some, like Small Z’s, provide holistic, comprehensive, and personalized sleep solutions. For example, Little Z’s Sleep eliminates early morning wakes so that you don’t have to wake up with them at 3 am! At Little Z’s, they can also teach you to make a routine bedtime for preschoolers. When you work with them, they go beyond helping your baby start sleeping during the night or napping longer. They will also dig deeper into whats, hows, and whys of their particular sleep issues. They will let you know how to fix the roots of your baby’s sleep struggles, which you can see the effects immediately and are also long-lasting.

3. You Will Receive a Personalized Process

If you have more than one kid, you know so well they can sleep differently, even if you’ve done the same techniques with each of them. In other words, no babies are the same. When you work with a sleep consultant, they could tailor the process specifically to your baby’s needs and family goals. Besides online programs, they also have a one-on-one video conference about customized techniques for your infant. This can help save you weeks and months of frustrating struggles. Thus, you can now use your saved time to concentrate on being the best parent, partner, or individual you can be.

When it comes to a child’s sleep, there are different expectations according to age. For instance, you cannot expect that your 15 week-old baby sleeps like a 24-month old toddler. So, when you work with an expert sleep coach, they can assist you in developing age-appropriate goals that your little one can surely achieve.

4. Accredited Sleep Trainers Are Knowledgeable

As new parents, you don’t have the luxury of spending time reading from one sleep book to another. Professional sleep coaches have already done the reading and research to provide all of the information you need to know.

You also get real-time guidance and support if you work 1:1 with them, including answering unpredicted questions that you might have.