Tips When Choosing An Alternative Means Of Transportation

Gideon Anderson

A lot of people commute to their place of work. According to studies and statistics, the average distance traveled from the homes of the majority to their place of employment is around fourteen kilometers. This distance takes time as heavy traffic is a constant issue. Utilizing public transportation, such as buses, trains, and taxis, could be stuck or slowed down in traffic. A lot of people are considering different means of transportation.

A Different Mode of Transportation

There are a lot of options when people are selecting their means of conveyance. The most common choice for a significant number of people would be going with a car. Getting a car for a fourteen-kilometer drive in highly crowded streets would be similar to public transportation, and also, it does not solve the traffic congestion. A few people will choose to purchase a motorcycle, but this also carries some caveats such as; fuel prices, parking fees, and maintenance costs. Some people go with a bicycle; it does not need fuel, no parking fees, and very low maintenance, but using a bike to work or school would be a chore as it requires the rider’s energy. Bicycles can also be affected by seasons as some seasons may not be conducive to bike riding. There is another option to take that is becoming very popular; electric scooters and hoverboards.You can see more alternative options on Segway hoverboard UK.


When people are making a purchase, the most crucial aspect that they look for is the price. The amount of money that a person will spend on the item is a primary factor, especially when looking for an item that they will use on a regular basis for work or school. Cars and motorcycles are out of the equation as they may cost a huge amount of money. Electric vehicles are starting to be the most cost-efficient option as their prices are highly affordable for a student or a common employee. You can click here to learn more.


Fuel and fuel prices are also something to consider as these modes of transport would be used on a daily commute. We have seen fluctuations in fuel prices in the past years, and it has no sign of going down. These electric vehicles defeat that problem as they are fueled by electricity and that this power source can be tapped from your home. Choosing an electric vehicle such as a hoverboard or electric scooter would prove to be great savings. Since electricity fuels these vehicles, they can also be charged at schools, or work, or wherever you can find an electrical outlet. That would be a convenient way to fuel your vehicle and beats waiting in line at petrol stations.You can see 6.5 hoverboard on this link.

Ease of Use

Electric Scooters and hoverboards prove to be easy vehicles to master. They just require a few minutes to learn how it works. Cars and motorcycles may require months or years to master; you also need a driver’s license to operate these vehicles. Electric scooters and hoverboards do not require classes or seminars and a license to drive on the road. This would be time and money savings. All you need to master electric scooters or hoverboards is balance. 


A means of transportation is very important. There are a lot of options that we see, but there are some limitations that we encounter. These limitations may be the cost of the item, fuel prices, and mastery of the vehicle. We have to be practical and wise when choosing our alternative mode of transportation. The decision would be up to us, the consumers, to get the best vehicle that best suits us.