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Fire Safety Precautions For the Workplace

Gideon Anderson

Workplace fires could be devastating for any business, no matter its size, status, or location. Many businesses will not completely recover from a flame, so prevention is an absolute necessity. Whether you are at home, a people location, school, or work, it is very important that you know how to prevent fires and respond in a fire emergency. But at the workplace, everybody in the building is responsible for keeping the environment safe.  So, here are some essential workplace fire safety tips for prevention and response for your office:

Fire Prevention Tips

  • Workspace Clutter — Keep your workspace organized and free of clutter as clutter provides fuel for the fire and might restrict access to escape routes and emergency exits.
  • Equipment — Maintain equipment that generates heat away from combustible items; store flammable materials and substances safely, at a safe distance from heat sources.
  • Electrical Safety — Almost 40 percent of workplace fires are brought on by electrical failures. Check electrical cords occasionally; have damaged wires replaced or serviced.
  • Power Outlets — Make sure that power outlets aren’t overloaded with too many strings; plugs should fit the outlet (i.e., insert two-prong plugs only into three-slot outlets).
  • Emergency Exits — Learn the escape routes and exits in the building. All emergency routes and exits should be unobstructed.
  • Fire and Smoke Alarms — Management should make sure that smoke detectors and fire alarms are inspected and tested frequently.
  • Fire Extinguishers have to be current on their inspections. Train employees on how to use fire extinguisher.
  • Smoking — There ought to be designated areas for smoking outside the building. All employees should be conscious of the dangers of smoking within the building.
  • Fire Drills — Regular fire drills should be performed at the office and there should be an evacuation procedure in place.

Fire Response Tips

  • If a fire breaks out in the construction, sound the alarm to alert other workers.
  • Telephone 911 immediately and do not hang up until the emergency responder tells you to.
  • If the fire is small, you may try to extinguish it using a fire extinguisher. However, if the fire can’t be controlled using a fire extinguisher, evacuate immediately.
  • Follow the escape routes and visit the muster point beyond the building.
  • Close the doors behind you when leaving the construction to help prevent the fire from spreading.
  • Never use an elevator. Depending on the magnitude of the fire, elevators may shut mid-transit as a result of electrical damage.
  • Learn basic first aid skills. After the evacuation, help any employees who could have been hurt either by the flames or smoke inhalation.
  • Once you’re out, stay away. Never go back inside a smoke-filled or trimming building.

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Preparedness is vital to preventing fires in the office. So, check out the advice above and you’ll be able to help save yourself and your coworkers from injuries and death, and also the property from damage. And, for professional fire damage repair or smoke remediation solutions, contact your local PuroClean office.