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Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration in Richmond

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We recognize the injury and psychological upset that citizens suffer due to fire and smoke damage. Thus, we work fast and considerately to offer fire damage recovery in Richmond. 

Contents include household products, fixtures, metals, and other items. And we know how expensive it is to replace those things. But, we’ve got the solution. Our state-of-the-art tactics and cleaning processes often prevent replacement costs, thus reducing prices.

Undoubtedly, fire and smoke damage restoration requires knowledge and skill. That is where we come in. Our PuroClean professionals are highly trained and possess the experience to do the work right. Are you searching for fire damage recovery in Richmond or surrounding areas? Check out our solutions below.

Trust PuroClean of Richmond to the Richmond Fire Damage Restoration needs

Fire damage on your Richmond property has to be taken care of immediately. PuroClean of Richmond will assess the complete extent of the harm to your residential or commercial premises. We will then supply all the essential fire damage remediation services, from structural assistance to board-ups. Our trained staff will pack your belongings with compassion and respect, listen to your concerns, and work diligently to clean and deodorize your property.

Our experienced staff will begin by assessing the damage, then we will remove things from the assumptions, selecting and cleaning those that are salvageable. We’ll remove soot and other pollutants in the atmosphere and all surfaces.

Richmond Deodorization and Smoke Odor Elimination

Using professional equipment, our seasoned and respectful technicians eliminate smoke odors, leaving your commercial or residential affected areas clean and clean. Click here to find out more about our fire and smoke specialists.

Additional Temporary Protection

PuroClean of Richmond will provide you with board-ups and roof-tarping to shield your house from further damage, such as burglary and inclement weather.

Responsive and Speedy

Once a fire is put out, the damage will last for days; a speedy response can make the difference between recovery and permanent damage.

PuroClean of Richmond is ready to answer your phone and will respond as quickly as you can, which might make all the difference by addressing the flame damage ASAP. Responding quickly allows you to salvage more of your property and possessions. Our knowledgeable professionals understand the devastation you’re experiencing. PuroClean of Richmond will work closely with you and respect your own personal belongings and property. We use very innovative technology to restore the structural integrity of your house or business. At length, PuroClean of Richmond professionals can clean, deodorize, and rid all areas of smoky scents.

PuroClean of Richmond Fire Mitigation Services Include:

PuroClean of Richmond is committed to removing all extra water and drying all the affected areas to prevent any extra water damage in putting out the fire. After analyzing the degree of damage from water, fire, smoke, and soot, we will begin to identify and eliminate all non-salvageable items. Items which may be salvaged will be kept on-site or in a place close by. We will also supply temporary protection with tarps and board-ups where it is needed. Additionally, PuroClean of Richmond will also remove unseen chemical and biological pollutants. Once your property is totally dry, we’ll get out the soot from all surfaces and possessions. Lastly, experts will remove any residual dust, smoke, and debris, then move on to completely disinfecting your place.

Smoke Odor Removal and Skilled Deodorization

We eliminate smoke scents with modern equipment, like ozone generators, hydroxyl generators, and foggers.

PuroClean of Richmond will remove soot, dust, and debris out of your own property, leaving it fresh and clean.

Salvageable items influenced by the fire will need to be eliminated. We’ll package out these belongings and furnishings. Based on the space that’s accessible and the number of items removed, restoring and cleaning these items may occur off- or on-site.

Many times the flame will damage the roofing, windows, and walls of your home or business. To help safeguard your space, we will board up the windows and supply roof tarping.

Soot is often very tricky to remove from carpet. Oftentimes the carpeting is recoverable, but if not, we’ll remove the carpet and padding beneath it.

Puffback Cleanup

Puff-back happens if your furnace behaves upward and expels soot and debris all at once. While this occurs, PuroClean of Richmond will professionally clean up after.

Once PuroClean is completed with your own fire damage restoration, we’ll begin our renovation, to get your premises back to their usual state. We’ll help with repairs, repairs, and job construction management to finish the project.

Do’s and Don’ts After A Fire

What You Should Do:

Get in touch with PuroClean of Richmond immediately!

Don’t Do:

  • Attempt to wash or wash the residue
  • Switch on the TV or other electric appliances until the risk has been analyzed
  • Use carpet or furniture ruined by the flame
  • Eat food that may have been subjected to smoke, heat, or soot. Including non-perishables!


Richmond Fire Damage Restoration Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the questions typically asked by our PuroClean customers:

What happens when I have a fire late at night and need assistance?

PuroClean of Richmond is available 24/7 and will respond to your telephone for fire damage restoration daily at any moment. We’ve got your best interests at heart, and rebuilding your property properly, the first time is our top priority. Contact us now at (804) 239-1558!

Can I receive a free estimate or just how much does this cost?

Call us right away at (804) 239-1558 for your free quote of our fire damage restoration services in Richmond.

Does my insurance cover a house fire?

It is dependent upon your policy. If it’s insured, your insurance company will pay for all invoices up to your policy limit, and you’re responsible for the amount of the deductible. Contact your insurance agent to find out whether this loss is insured.