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Different Surprising Advantages to Bungalow Living

Gideon Anderson

These days you see far fewer bungalows than previously. While the population develops and then the need for homes does also, the alternative would appear to be build upwards with a growing number of three story houses becoming available, this is the preferred approach in comparison to bungalows which occupy a lot more ground space. Some might think about this as with a bungalow is much more exclusive than ever before.

Bungalows, however, provide a range of practical features. Bungalows usually offer adequate space regardless of the entire home being spread over a single floor, of course, if you do realize you’re struggling for space you have the choice of a bungalow loft conversion. A lot of people are put off with their reputation that they have obtained as being best suited to the older or people who have restricted freedom.

This doesn’t have to be true. Bungalows have a tendency to offer large, open spaces and generously sized gardens. They are also no more challenging to modify than any other residence, so if the carpets and walls aren’t to your preferences, just change them.

However, security is a prime concern that comes with bungalow living. Considering the entire property is at floor level, all doors and windows are accessible, both to wanted and unwanted’guests’. Plus bungalows are usually situated in quieter more secluded neighborhoods. This means that a lack of foot traffic could lure thieves. This where additional security measure could be of an edge. These security measures don’t need to put you back a good deal of cash, a security light could be a great deterrent as can including thorny bushes strategically positioned below windows. Go to Reid’s Heritage Homes today!

If you’re thinking of purchasing a new build house, you need to seriously contemplate bungalow living. New bungalows in Ottawa offer many advantages to homeowners. Listed below are seven surprising Benefits to bungalow living:

Great for Seniors

The one-story design of a bungalow makes it the ideal living situation for seniors. Mature homeowners can maintain their independence with this reachable floorplan. Particularly for residents with cool issues, needing to browse up and down stairs daily can be quite taxing. With all the living area on one floor, new bungalows in Ottawa are totally suited to seniors.

Accommodate Freedom Limitations

New bungalows in Ottawa make excellent homes for individuals with mobility limitations. Sadly, the upstairs part of two-story homes can be”out of bounds” to individuals in wheelchairs without expensive alterations. Bungalows allow everybody to easily and comfortably access the whole living space.

Kid-Friendly Living

New bungalows in Ottawa may be the perfect fit for families with young kids. Having your young children tumble down the stairs is a frequent concern for many parents, but even just having the kids playing on another floor could be a cause of worry. Prevent these difficulties with a family-friendly bungalow.

Open-Plan Design

A lot of men and women enjoy the bright, broad, and open feel of bungalow living. With the right layout, everything feels airy and bright rather than additional home designs that might feel cramped and dim. Delight your guests with a open plan idea.


Bungalows are often built on fine big lots. As opposed to townhomes and divide homes, where you practically sit on top of your neighbors, bungalows offer a great deal of solitude. You will enjoy a nice broad lot with a gorgeous backyard, especially in the summer.

Adaptive for Additions

There’s an added advantage to this large lots on which bungalows are often constructed — they provide space to accommodate developments should you want to expand your living space in the future. The sky’s the limit so far as developments are worried if you choose to buy a new bungalow.

Conversely, the quiet location where bungalows have a tendency to reside often ends in a very neighborly environment. This is certainly a bonus for someone living independently. It also means that where offense is involved, you have a neighborhood where everybody is searching for one another and their property. Furthermore, when you have young kids, residing on a quiet road is wonderful for them since they can safely play outside.

Some people are under the belief that a bungalow would not be suited to a family because of insufficient space. However, this should not be a concern; bungalow attic conversions may extend your property to permit an additional room, and based on the size of the loft, a possible two or three rooms. Due to how a bungalow is usually a detached property, planning permission should be easy to obtain.

A bungalow can be the ideal type of property to live in as you become old. It is inevitable that as we reach the later phases of life, our mobility will become more limited. Usually, our choices involve fitting our homes with a stair elevator or moving house to a bungalow or retirement center. But moving house is usually a particularly stressful time, for everybody, it’ll be the last thing someone fighting to get about wants to be considering. If you have chosen a bungalow, you have chosen a home for life.